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The Oliver Promise - High-Quality Safety Work Boots & Footwear For All

No matter what industry you’re in, you deserve to be safe in all kinds of environments with the correct safety footwear. Whether you need to face harsh weather or challenging terrains, you need reliable safety boots that can help you get through your workday. Oliver provides a wide range of safety work boots and footwear, suitable for people in all industries.

Trusted Safety Work Footwear Brand Since 1887

As one of the oldest and most trusted safety footwear brands in Australia, Oliver only creates footwear made with the highest quality . Our story began in 1887 when our founder James Oliver arrived in the goldfields of Ballarat to try his hands on mining. When that venture failed, he returned to boot-making, using the skills he learned in the United Kingdom to start Oliver & Stevens. From that humble beginning, what started as a footwear company offering boots for miners and farmers has now become a global brand. Oliver now operates in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the United States, providing workers and employees with the utmost safety they deserve. Here at Oliver, we always promise the same quality in all of our footwear. Our safety work boots are designed with three values in mind: Comfort, Performance, and Durability. Our shoes are designed with advanced technology, from our energy absorbing soles to the removable COMFORTcushion® PORON/PU footbeds and leather uppers. Meanwhile, our shoes offer you total-foot support and superior stability to help you be more efficient at work yet maintain comfort unlike any other safety boots. Last but not least, our shoes are highly durable as they are made with high-quality materials to make sure they can stand the test of time.

Buyer’s Protection With All Safety Work Boots

Along with our promise, Oliver also has buyer’s protection to ensure that you can always trust us with your safety work footwear needs. If you’re not satisfied with our pair of shoes, the 30 Day Comfort Guarantee lets you return them within 30-day of purchase for an exchange or refund. Additionally, the 3 Year HYDROstop® protection gives you a guarantee that your boots are protected from the effects of microbiotic and hydrolysis attacks. The ​​6 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty also protects you from any defects due to defective workmanship or subpar materials and you can return or exchange the footwear.

The Latest Footwear Innovations & Technology

Oliver wouldn’t be where it is today without some serious R&D. Our wide range of safety boots and footwear are developed using the latest innovations and technology. Our shoes can face even the toughest environments thanks to our dedication to providing you with the latest safety innovations. Some of our registered footwear features include HYDROstop®, COMFORTcushion® Impact Absorption, NATUREform® wide profile Type 1 safety toe cap, SOFTside® Contour Comfort Support, NANOlite® Footbed, SAFETYcell® Protection, and HEELguard®. With all these features in mind, rest assured that Oliver safety work boots and footwear will always protect you no matter where you work. It is our goal to provide quality and accessible safety to all of Australia and beyond.